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SN 10467
■Microphone preamps
Gain: +20dB to+70dB(10dB step switching)
Fine trims:(1dB step switching)
Phantom power :+48V
Phase reverse: (0/180°)
-20dB PAD and low cut filter(20Hz/40Hz)
DI input (impedance 1MΩ)
6 points low shelving(±15dB)
12-point band filter (±20dB)
6 points high shelving(±15dB)
The optical element using the gain reduction circuit
Stereo and multiple units of the corresponding link is possible (up to 10 units)
Attack, release, variable-switching switch(MANUAL/FIX:)
Ratio: 1.5: 1 ~ 10: 1(continuous variable)
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