Guide to Lock the Module in Place

Modules of the NEVE 53-series (such as the 33115), cannot be fixed in place by locking the front panel like the NEVE 80-seires modules (such as the 1073).
The [BAKU Pro Audio NEVE 33115 RACK] is equipped with a locking mechanism to prevent the inserted modules from falling out during transportation. 

Essential Tools: 
PH2 screwdriver, 
1.5mm hexagon screwdriver.

How to Fix the Module:
Turn off the power and disconnect the power cord.
By using your PH2 screwdriver, carefully unscrew and remove the top cover.
Inside you will find x2 hex set socket screws for each module. Refer to the markings on the picture below.
Lightly tighten the screws with your 1.5mm hexagon screwdriver.

Be careful not to overtighten the screws as it may leave marks on the module. 
Make sure to loosen the screws before pulling the modules out from the rack, as it may severely damage the module if any attempt of removal is performed while locked in place.

You may access the screws on the left side (front view) through the holes in the side panel. Refer to marking on the picture below.