Who We Are

First established in Tokyo at 1987,

with experience from music production company
to operating our own recording studio from 2005.

Starting our own studio we have been given the chance to utilize a huge variation of pro audio gear.

Working with gear from early STUDER to late NEVE and much more. Furethermore this gave us the oppertunity to establish our own brand focused on sales and service of pro audio gear.

After many years of service as well as operating recording studios, we are above all specialized on vintage gear such as STUDER, SSL, API, Neumann, Fairchild, Urei, Telefunken etc.

Whenever you are on a look-out for any vintage gear, please order from our store for best quality gear at the lowest prices.

Company Profile


Established : November 28,1987

President : Kido Taki

Address :

2-25-4 Chu-Oh Cho Meguro-ku

TOKYO 152-0001 JAPAN

Website : https://bakuproaudio.com

Phone : +81-3-5721-7535

E-Mail : info@baku.ne.jp

Annual Sales (FY2018) : 80 million yen

Paid-in Capital : 10 million yen