35th Anniversary Edition

BCA 76 AE White Face

FET Compressor

Last year, we released the BCA series anniversary edition to commemorate the 35th anniversary of our founding.
BCA76AE Whiteface FET Compressor

Due to popular demand, it will be re-released.
Pre-order sales will start from 11:00 (GMT+9) on March 13th, limited to our online shop.

This lot will amount to 25 units. Shipping will be limited to maximum of x3 units per month. Please acknowledge there will be a waiting period as each unit is manufactured and shipped out in sequence respective to the order of which purchases have been made.

Our BCA76AE is based on the UREI 1176LN silver face released in the 1970s.
After years of utilizing the 1176,1178 etc. in a pro audio environment as well as performing maintenance service on everything from original vintage versions to new clones, we feel confident this FET compressor rebuild by BAKU Pro Audio will satisfy your audio needs.
The same vintage/NOS parts used for maintenance have been used for manufacturing the BCA 76AE, in order to get the closest resemblance to an original 1176 unit.

Specifically, the output transformer, Allen Bradley input/output volume, transistors, capacitors, etc. have all been carefully selected where many components are highly difficult to obtain.
In addition, the high-quality carbon composed fixed resistors manufactured by Allen Bradley, which were used for the audio path of during the blackface period, are also used for the BCA 76AE audio path.
Such as internal wiring cable, push switch, custom made power transformer exclusively for BCA 76AE, all carefully selected in order to manufacture this high-quality compressor.

UREI Original

OUTPUT Transformer


Input Volume


Output Volume


Carbon Composition Resistor

The basic specifications are mostly the same as the silver face, with some minor changes
RATIO is 20:1, 8:1, 4:1, 2:1
ATTACK is 20ms-810ms, with a slow mode set to 810ms as shown on the picture below.
Power supply voltage is set to 115-120VAC.


Slow mode of 810ms when the knob is turned fully CCW.



Please note.
Compared to the first lot released in 2022, the VU meter has been changed from UREI original to BAKU Pro Audio original.
Other specifications are the same.