BAKU Pro Audio 500VPR 2x4 (NEW)


4-Slot Rack for API500 Series Set

Set contents
500VPR 2x4 body x 1
500VPR 2x4 PSU x 1
Dedicated power cable (2m) x 1
* Modules are not included.

2U / 4 slot module rack
External linear power supply design using toroidal transformer
Hand wired, hand assembly
+48v phantom power compatible
Equipped with a stereo link switch (ch1-2,3-4)
Power through-out design allows cascading with another 500VPR 2x4
Input power supply voltage 100~120V 50/60hz 

Suppliable Current Capacity
Max +16v@1.2A -16v@1.2A +48v@0.1A per rack
(DC+16v@300mA -16v@300mA +48v@25mA per slot)

Each PSU can be used up to +16v@2.4A -16v@2.4A +48v@0.2A.
Any number of 500VPR 2x4s can be cascaded within this current capacity range.

Delivery time: about 2 months from order confirmation.
We accept complete build-to-order manufacturing.
Can change input power supply voltage from 100-130V to 230V upon request.