Solid State Logic X-PANDA (USED)

Solid State Logic
  • ¥0JPY


24-channel mixer

・Highly versatile compact analogue mixer with SSL SuperAnalogue™ benchmark audio quality
・24 Ch Expander for X-Desk or any other analogue mixer
・Adds long throw 100mm faders and 24 Ch Inputs to an X-Rack summing system
・Stand alone 24 input summing mixer
・8 mono fader channels with main and Alt inputs giving 16 mono inputs
・4 stereo fader channels with Stereo Inserts and Stereo Direct Outputs
・Stereo Cue, and FX1 & FX2 mono Aux send controls
・Heavy duty self illuminated Solo/cut Switches
・Compact desktop design with removable 19” rack ears
・Rear panel connections via DB25 D-Sub

※D-sub cabales are not included.